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The aerator manufacturer describes the design principle of fish pond for this kind of equipment

In aquaculture production, aerator manufacturers are more and more widely used, but at present, some fishermen do not understand its working principle. In practical operation, it is blind and random. Therefore, we must first understand i...

Common and operation methods of fish pond aerator

With the development of intensive fish culture and intensive fish ponds, aerators are used more and more widely. The aerator has three functions: oxygenation, water stirring and aeration.1、 Common types of aerators1. Impeller aerator: ...

How to use fish pond aerator correctly

Fish pond aerator will introduce you how to correctly use the fish pond aerator in the breeding pondHow to correctly use the fish pond aerator in the aquaculture pond:At present, aquaculture experts and aquaculture technicians at home an...

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