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Common and operation methods of fish pond aerator

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With the development of intensive fish culture and intensive fish ponds, aerators are used more and more widely. The aerator has three functions: oxygenation, water stirring and aeration.

1、 Common types of aerators

1. Impeller aerator: suitable for aerating ponds with a water depth of more than 1m and a large area.

2. Jet aerator: an aerator whose oxygenation efficiency is higher than that of waterwheel type and aerated water spray. It has simple structure, can form water flow, stir water body, make water body oxygenate gently without damaging fish body, and is suitable for fish fry pond.

3. Waterwheel aerator: suitable for ponds with deep sludge and an area of 1000-2540 square meters.

4. Inflatable aerator: the deeper the water, the better the effect. It is suitable for fish culture in deep water.

5. Water jet aerator: it can rapidly improve the dissolved oxygen of surface water in a short time, and has artistic viewing effect. It is suitable for fish ponds in gardens or tourist areas.

6. Oxygenation pump: because of its light weight, easy operation and single oxygenation function, it is suitable for fish fry breeding pond or greenhouse breeding pond with water depth of 0.7m and area of less than 440m2.

Fish culture: grass carp, herring, crucian carp

Fish pond aerator and its operation method

Impeller aerator

2、 Safe operation of aerator

1. When installing the aerator, be sure to cut off the power supply. The cable shall not be under tension in the pool, and the cable shall not be pulled as a rope. The cable shall be fixed on the rack with lock clip and shall not fall into the water, and the rest shall be led to the shore power supply as required.

2. After the aerator enters the pool, the torque is very large. Do not take a floating body to observe in front of the aerator.

3. The position of the impeller in the water shall be aligned with the "water line". If there is no "water line", generally, the upper end face shall be parallel to the water surface to prevent overload from burning the motor. The depth of impeller blade immersed in water is 4cm. Too deep will increase the motor load and damage the motor.

4. In case of "buzzing" sound during the operation of the aerator, check the line to see if there is phase loss operation. If there is, cut off the power supply, connect the fuse and restart.

5. The protective cover is a device to protect the motor from water and must be installed correctly.

6. When the aerator is started, the steering and operation shall be closely observed. In case of abnormal sound, reverse steering and unequal operation, it shall be shut down immediately and started again after the abnormal phenomenon is eliminated.

7. The working conditions of the aerator are bad, and the user shall be equipped with thermal breaker, thermistor protector and electronic protection device.

8. At ordinary times, pay attention to whether there is winding or attachment on the impeller. If so, it shall be removed in time. Check the floating body every year to avoid burning the motor due to the increase of load due to the reduction of buoyancy due to the wear of the floating body.

9. When the aerator is launched into the water, it shall be moved into the water horizontally or at a small angle to prevent oil overflow from the vent hole of the reducer. Do not contact the motor with water to avoid burning the motor due to water immersion.

Common aerators and operation methods in fish ponds (2)

Waterwheel aerator

3、 Correct use of aerator

1. Determine the loading load: generally determine the type and load of the aerator according to the water depth, area and pool shape. For example, the rectangular pond is of waterwheel type, and the square or circular pond is of impeller type. The power per kW of impeller type aerator can basically meet the oxygenation needs of 2540 square meters of water surface adult fish pond. More than 2 sets of aerators should be considered for fish ponds above 3000 square meters.

2. Determine the installation position: the aerator shall be installed in the center of the pond or windward position, more than 5m away from the pond embankment, and fixed with inserting rod or anchor. When installing the impeller aerator, it shall be ensured that the water flow generated by the aerator during operation will not stir up the sludge at the bottom of the pool. The code of safe electricity use shall be strictly observed during installation.

3. Determine the start-up time: the aerator must operate under safe conditions, and determine the operation time and time in combination with the stocking density of fish in the pond, water quality conditions, growth season, weather change, aerator load and other factors, so as to work without waste. Therefore, when summer and autumn are hot, insist on starting at noon to improve water quality; Start the machine in the early morning on rainy days and cloudy days, and do not start it at noon; It opens in the middle of the night when it rains continuously until sunrise stops; During the fast-growing season of fish, start the machine every day to ensure that the pond has high oxygen; The fish floating head shall be started up in time and can be stopped only after the floating head goes down. The start-up time should follow: long start-up time in hot days and short start-up time in cool days; The startup time is long at midnight and short at noon; Small wind, long startup time, large wind, short startup time.

4、 Maintenance of aerator

During maintenance, the whole machine shall be placed on a dry flat ground, and the buoy support rod, reduction gearbox, blade axle, motor, etc. shall be removed one by one. The insulation of the motor shall be checked with an ohmmeter, and whether the terminals are safe and firm and whether the wires are damaged; Check the wear of gears and axles one by one, repair and replace them in time, and check whether the oil seal and bearing are intact. If they are damaged, replace them in advance, and add oil after disassembly; The impeller shall be cleaned of attachments and rust spots. If the blade is deformed, it shall be repaired and derusted and coated with antirust paint; The supporting rod and fasteners shall be derusted and painted; Threads are also trimmed; Check whether the pontoon is damaged. If so, it shall be welded and painted in time. After maintenance, all parts shall be placed in a moisture-proof place to avoid corrosion, and then installed into a machine when necessary. The aerator shall be repaired and maintained after use every year to ensure normal operation in the coming year.

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