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Selection, installation and maintenance of fish pond aerator and main functions of fish pond aerator

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Aerator manufacturers introduce to you: the selection, installation and maintenance of fish pond aerator and the main functions of fish pond aerator

Selection, installation and maintenance of fishpond aerator:

1. According to the characteristics of various aerators and breeding objects

Generally, microporous tube aerator or waterwheel aerator can be used in South American white shrimp culture pond, leaf wheel aerator can be used in general fish culture, and jet aerator can be used in seedling culture.

2. Determine the number of aerators according to the pond area

Generally, three to five mu of water surface is equipped with an aerator, and the number of aerators shall be calculated for ponds with large area.

3. Placement position of fish pond aerator

The fish pond aerator is set in the center of the pond or windward, usually about 5m away from the pond bank. When the aerator is set in the shrimp and crab culture pond, the position of water and grass shall be avoided. When placing the impeller aerator, ensure that the water flow generated during the operation of the aerator will not stir the mud at the bottom of the pool.

4. Safe operation of fish pond aerator

It shall be assembled according to the operating instructions and fixed in the pond. When the working conditions of the fishpond aerator are bad, the user shall be equipped with thermal relay, phase protector and other protective devices. When starting the fishpond aerator, closely observe the operation. If there is abnormal sound and the operation is not smooth, stop the operation immediately and start the machine after eliminating the abnormal phenomenon.

Maintenance of fishpond aerator:

1. Daily maintenance of fishpond aerator

The pond aerator} shall be regularly inspected and maintained in daily use to ensure normal and safe use. The motor is the main component of the fishpond aerator. During use, it should be frequently checked whether there is abnormal sound during rotation and whether the bearing is damaged; Whether the reducer has oil leakage and needs to be replaced; Whether the impeller is deformed or damaged; Check whether the line is not running smoothly, whether the distribution cabinet is soaked with water and whether it needs to be replaced.

2. Later maintenance of fishpond aerator

The aerator shall be disassembled for maintenance after the first quarter, and each part shall be fully coated with grease, placed in a ventilated and dry place, and installed in the whole machine when necessary.

Main functions of fishpond aerator:

1. Increase oxygen and preserve high yield

According to the survey, the impeller type aerator per kW increases oxygen in the water by more than 1.8kg per hour, which is enough for several tons of fish to breathe for an hour, so as to solve the hypoxia of pond fish in time. After using the pond aerator, the production conditions of the pond are changed from the natural ecosystem to the artificial control ecosystem, breaking through the restriction of the amount of fish downloaded from the clean water tank under natural conditions. According to the quantity, species and meteorological conditions of fish in the pond, the use of aerator can manually meet the oxygen required for the growth of fish in the pond and create important conditions for high yield.

2. Promote convective exchange of water

Impeller aerator has the function of lifting water upward. After power on, the pond will conduct vertical circulation, which can convection the lower water and pond surface water below 2m, transport the nutrient salts and reduced substances adsorbed on the substrate to the surface, and transport the oxygen rich water on the surface to the bottom, so as to make the water quality uniform. After the dissolved oxygen in the upper water is reduced, it can be restored and supplemented by photosynthesis.

3. Poison gas dispersion concentration oxygen release

In the process of stirring water, the gas dissolved in the pond can escape from the air. When the machine is started in the early morning, it can accelerate the escape of toxic gases in the water. When the machine is started at noon, the high concentration of dissolved oxygen in the rich oxygen in the upper layer will also disperse. However, due to the strong volatilization of the aerator, the liquid level will become clearer, and most of the dissolved oxygen will diffuse to the lower layer through bending.

4. Reduce feed coefficient

This is the indirect function of the pond aerator. Fish is a thermostatic animal, and its feed coefficient changes. When the water temperature is appropriate and the dissolved oxygen concentration is high, the feed coefficient is low. The feed coefficient of low dissolved oxygen is twice or even several times higher than that of high dissolved oxygen.

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